Clean Wave Campaign

Clean Wave is a soap and detergent manufacturing start-up that is focused on manufacturing high quality dishwashing and toilet cleaning liquid.  The venture was established in March 2020 and the Project Promoters have managed to secure a mini manufacturing factory in the industrial area of Mutare.



Business Case and Marketing Dynamics

While the market has so much competition with different brands such as Sunlight (competition comprises of mostly foreign brands and local emerging brands such as Clean-O and Spotless), the idea is to capture the market of middle-income households that seek quality, long lasting and high performing products.

Marketing and Sales Channels

Given the low production capacity, Clean Wave is currently conducting direct sales to its customers. However, as volumes improve and market penetration increases, the business is looking to supply major retailers in Mutare and the rest of Zimbabwe.


Brian Nyasha Namaja is the Founder of Clean Wave. He also carries out financial and accounting roles. His key strengths are brand development skills and product innovation. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and business.

Contact Number : + 263 78 469 5320

Clean Wave Pitch Video


Clean Wave aims to supply to 4 cities in Zimbabwe in the next six months. In addition, the business plans to introduce new products such as oven cleaner and personal care products such as soap.


Clean Wave  requires a total sum of USD 1,000 or ZWL 120,000 to boost working capital through the purchasing of raw materials, packaging material, electronic machines e.g. Heat Gun for palletizing and introduction of new products such as an Oven Cleaner.


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Sales $640 960 1280 1600
Units 800 1200 1600 2000
EBIT $102.4 $153.6 $204.8 $256


Funders of Clean Wave will receive a Clean Wave Dish Washer Voucher for every contribution of USD 1.00 or ZWL 120;

The Voucher is redeemable at par for full product (750ml Dish Washing Liquid);

The campaign is expected to last for approximately 30 to 45 days and will maintain a database of all Funders;

Funders will be kept updated of progress on the Campaign as well as on the timing of production. It should also be highlighted that Funders will be the first port of call on any equity-based investment opportunities in Clean Wave; and

In-order to manage cash flows, the vouchers will only be redeemable 30 days from the day of full production.


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