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An FX Trading Course for Beginners

Piggy has been receiving lots of questions from individuals that want to start trading forex using the IronFX platform. The global FX market has seen phenomenal growth over the last several years and retail investors are taking advantage of the opportunity. While the process of registering and opening a Demo or Practice Account is simple, folks are looking to have some solid understanding of the global FX Market. The fact is that the online trading “game” requires a bit of some investment in knowledge.  Trading without information, analysis or a clear strategy is as good as tossing a coin or rolling a dice. It is therefore essential for one to develop a trading strategy before venturing in the live-trading arena.

Piggy has been doing some research and is recommending beginners to go through the School of Pipsology offered by This is an online programme that takes you through 11 courses, starting with the very basic stuff and moving into the more advanced FX trading techniques. There is no better course than this and the good thing is that it is completely free! All you need to do is to invest in internet connection. Piggy also recommends that the course be done in groups or trading teams so that individuals can discuss and share information. Here are the steps below;

Follow the that will take you to the babypips website;

Click on the Education Tab;

Click on the School of Pipsology;

Go ahead, scroll down and Unlock Tracking as this will enable you to gauge your progress during the training programme;

Scroll further and Start Course 1 which is the Preschool stage;

Click on Start Course to proceed;

Note that you will have to click on the marked icon to get access to the educational content;

Full contents will then be displayed and individuals can view progress on the right side;

Once completed, you can Click on Next Lesson to proceed to the next stage.

Overall, the full training programme has a total of 11 courses. The final one is the Graduation stage;

There is also a section on Quizzes for testing your trading knowledge;

In addition, a Forex Trading glossary also helps in terms of looking up some of the terms.

Upon graduation, you can then proceed to register and open an Iron FX demo account. Once you have tested your techniques, you can fund your trading account and move into Live Trading.

Join a WhatsApp based social trading group today by following the link;

Open an IronFX Demo Account today in three simple steps by following the link;

Download the Android App using the link;