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Launch of Piggy’s Research Lab

Piggy has launched a powerful database for investors that will enable them to have access to economic and company specific data that is critical in making informed decisions on the markets. In addition, a number of educational clips and e-books have been uploaded in Piggy’s Research Lab. The database contains (i) National Budgets, (ii) Monetary Policy Statements (iii) Educational Video…

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The Successful Trader

Piggy came across an interesting info- graph that clearly captures the attributes of a successful trader and would like to share it with his friends. See below; Piggy has recommended beginners who would like to venture into the world of Global Market Online Trading to complete the babypips course. The instructions are outlined here; Join a…

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Trading Commodities

Following on Piggy’s discussion on Trading Gold, it should be highlighted that IronFX also provides an opportunity for retail investors to trade commodities such as Oil, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. OIL Oil is an interesting commodity. IronFX enables individuals to trade Brent and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Oil.  Crude oil is a naturally occurring petroleum…

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CFD Share Trading

Piggy is very excited of the fact that the IronFX platform provides retail investors access to global blue-chips. Of course, margin trading has largely taken an unfair and unwarranted amount of criticism with some financial commentators insisting that it is riskier than playing casino or horse betting. In fact, some well-known financial gurus have dubbed margin instruments and derivative products;…

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The Power of Forex Trading

Piggy has been encouraging folks to preserve incomes by (i) buying shares on the ZSE using the C-Trade platform and (ii) trading forex on the IronFX Platform. Financial education is key and the platform offers that. Piggy has also been pushing for WhatsApp based social trading groups or clubs that enable individuals to come together, share ideas and get…

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