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The rise of the local investor

Stimulus packages have birthed a new wave of optimism particularly in developed countries.  America’s shopping malls are filled with people splurging stimulus cheques whilst cinemas in Britain are packed once again. According to the Economist, a spending bonanza is just beginning given that capital spending amongst American companies is rising at an annual rate of 15%. American GDP growth is also expected…

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Time to play in the Blue Chips

Time to play in the Blue Chips For a long time now, Piggy has consistently insisted that investors should park ZWL balances in blue-chip stocks. This is because he sees massive opportunity in sectors and companies that are linked to Gross Domestic Product (GDP growth). Generally, the global economic rebound from the pandemic has picked up speed. Relief and stimulus measures…

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Capital Raising Options for Businesses

Piggy has witnessed the growth in alternative financing methods such as crowdfunding. This is an internet-based funding method for the realization of an initiative through online distributed contributions and micro-sponsorships in the form of pledges of small monetary amounts by a large pool of people within a limited timeframe. Funders can donate, pre-purchase the product, lend, or invest based on…

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Types of Businesses

One inspiring story about entrepreneurship is that of the launch of WhatsApp. It was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, former employees of Yahoo! In January 2009, after purchasing an iPhone and realizing the potential of the app industry on the App Store, Koum and Acton began discussing a new type of messaging app that would show "statuses next…

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Focus on Dividends

Piggy has always advocated for individuals and households to consider ways of generating passive income. This is basically money that you make but does not require you to do a lot of active work to continue earning it. One interesting way of generating passive income streams is investing in dividend paying stocks. Infograph on…

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Shareholder Rights

Piggy recalls that the trading of CFI Holdings was suspended in 2018 because of several reasons such as the failure to comply with listing rules and corporate governance issues. As a result, most shareholders have had their funds trapped in the stock for some time now. It has also been reported that these breaches were triggered by wrangling between two major…

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Women in Capital Markets: The Ins and Outs of Investing

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) recently hosted the third episode of the “Women in Capital Markets” webinar series. The webinar, which was titled “How to invest: Practical Steps to Take” covered the basics of how to start investing on Zimbabwe’s Capital Markets. Sunday Mail Editor, Victoria Ruzvidzo, moderated the discussion with SECZ Head of Investor Education, Farai Mpofu…

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Short Selling

Readers that follow global markets might have come across the GameStop saga. Piggy has also written about this fascinating story. It is really about the “power and madness of crowds” as retail online traders banded against Hedge Funds that were “shorting” GameStop Corp shares ( At the centre of the saga, is a trading strategy…

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Money Laundering

Globally, there has been massive campaigns amongst financial industry players and regulators against money laundering and terrorist financing. This is because the international community has witnessed the use of increasingly sophisticated methods to move illicit funds through financial systems across the globe. This has also called for the need of improved multilateral cooperation to fight…

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Insider Trading

One of Piggy’s favourite drama series is “Billions”. It is an American television drama series premiered on Showtime and has produced five complete seasons to date. The series is set in large financial centers, most notably New York and Connecticut. It tells the story of how Hedge Fund Manager Axelrod's aggressive tactics to secure high…

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Foreign Exchange Market

Piggy has noted that there has been an increasing interest for day trading. An ordinary person with a computer connected to the internet can now try to compete with professional traders in different banks across the world. Most of the day trading involves the global foreign exchange market. This is basically an international network that is open 24 hours a…

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