Piggybankadvisor.com is a platform that blends alternative with impact investments.

An alternative investment is an asset that does not fall into the conventional investment categories such as stocks, bonds and cash. The piggybankadvisor.com platform enables investors to buy into collectibles. These are items that can be purchased or sold for much more than their original value—the rarer the item, the more it will fetch in future. More and more investors are looking at the art market (and other collectables) as an alternative to traditional investment assets. The collectibles market is enormous and covers so many things such as art, stamps, toys, rare coins, vintage electronic products, comics and first edition books.

On the other hand, impact investments are those that are made into businesses or funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. By buying art, investors make a direct impact in the lives and businesses of our network of artists in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa.

The piggybankadvisor.com platform is also devoted to spreading ideas or tips covering topics such as business, economics, stock market and forex trading, cryptocurrencies and personal finance.  This is done through long-form and short-form thoughtful, well-written and factually accurate articles that are packaged into digestible content and shared on various platforms.

Founder & CEO

Batanai Matsika has a strong background in investment banking across Sub-Saharan having worked for local and regional finance and investment banking houses such as Imara Africa Securities, Sanlam and Banco Português de Investimento (BPI). Batanai was ranked #2 in the Euromoney Sub-Saharan Africa (Food & Agriculture) analyst research polls in 2014 while at BPI. He holds an Honours Degree in Business Studies (Finance & Banking) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Treasury Management from the University of Zimbabwe. Batanai is a regular columnist for Business Times and The Financial Gazette and appears on business and financial TV shows on CNBC Africa, Business Day TV and China Global Television Network (CGTN).

Batanai Matsika is passionate about developing a robust art and collectibles market in Sub Saharan Africa while also directing impact investment flows into Africa. He also enjoys writing and sharing thought leadership articles and thematic research reports.