Have you ever wondered why your broker or banker drives a fancy car and you don’t? The answer is quite simple! Insurance and banking are businesses and the primary purpose is to generate a profit for the owners.  Of course, we might have a few financial advisers and insurance brokers selling good insurance cover but, please do take it from Piggy- it is all just a commissions business!

Take the mutual fund industry as an example. These funds try to convince public investors that they constantly produce excellent investment results, but the truth is professional money managers do not live up to expectations. Details demonstrating how these professionals fail to outperform averages have been adequately covered elsewhere – no need to argue on this topic!

While some investment professionals sincerely want their clients to prosper, most of them will do so only if they can make money in the process. It is quite disturbing how certain individuals and households show minimal interest around issues of finance. We are not saying that people should not seek professional advice but relying too much on someone else’s expertise on matters relating to your financial destiny may not be wise. People should take charge, and this does not mean taking on another full – time job. It simply means doing a bit of research and acquiring basic investment knowledge.

The crux of the matter is that financial education is key. On the other hand, the standard policy for most investors all over the world has been to preserve value in different asset classes. The need to hedge against a loss in the purchasing power of money has also pushed investors to look into alternatives by putting money in “things”. A few categories of valuable objects have had striking advances in market value over the years and these include paintings by masters, first editions of books, rare stamps and coins.

Piggybankadvisor.com is a platform that provides; (i) access to educational resources covering areas such as economics, stock and forex trading, cryptocurrencies, budgeting and retirement planning and (ii) access to an online marketplace for buying and selling alternatives such as Art and Collectibles.

Collectibles are items that can be purchased or sold for much more than their original value—the rarer the item, the more it will fetch in future. The collectibles market is enormous and covers so many things such as fine art, stamps, toys, rare coins, vintage electronic products & cars, comics and first edition books. Visit Piggy’s Store today and buy some collectibles. To sell, contact Piggy on +263 78 358 4745