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E-Books from Piggy

The platform provides access to articles and blogs that assist individuals and households to develop knowledge in areas such as investing, stock-trading and general personal finance. Piggy has also taken a step forward by developing a research database (Piggy’s Research Lab).

This powerful database for investors enables users to have access to educational materials as well as economic and company specific data that is critical in making informed decisions on the markets. The database contains (i) E-Books, (ii) Educational Video Clips, (iii) Infographics, (iv) Listed Companies Information (Annual Reports and Presentations), (v) Monetary Policy Statements and (vi) National Budgets.

As indicated in the infographic below, developing a culture or habit of reading is critical for one to be successful in the world of trading and investing;

12 E-Books Uploaded in Piggy’s Research Lab

Piggy has uploaded 12 E-books that he believes will be valuable to investors and traders. Here are the titles;

  1. The 25-point Mantra
  2. The Complete Guide to Day Trading
  3. My Stock Market Power – Day Trading E-Book
  4. Technical Analysis for Short-Term Traders
  5. The Day Trader’s Bible
  6. Trading on Momentum
  7. Fire Your Stock Analyst, Analyzing Stocks on Your Own
  8. Guide to using Financial Pages
  9. Investing Online for Dummies
  10. Investments, An Introduction
  11. The Stock Market Course
  12. Understanding Stocks

Click on the Link below to access the Research Lab;

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