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Financial Literacy Campaigns has partnered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZIM) and the Investor Protection Fund (IPF) in an initiative that will entail undertaking broad-based financial literacy campaigns through digital platforms. The campaigns will be targeted at individuals, households and small businesses (SMEs) and are aimed at improving financial literacy levels while increasing the participation of individuals on local and global investment markets.

While Piggy will be making use of various content such as videos, infographics and short films, he will also be making use of the Investor 101 Handbook to create short-form educational articles or investing nuggets that are easy to digest. Of course, the Investment 101 Handbook (launched by SECZIM in partnership with the Investor Protection Fund) provides a solid foundation from which to drive the financial literacy agenda through digital content creation.

The “What is Piggy Saying” podcast will also be key in terms of discussing topics covered in the published articles on “What is Piggy Saying” is an insights and analysis show that covers Economics and the Stock Market in Zimbabwe.

Piggy has also noted that communities and engagement are crucial in as far as information sharing and learning in concerned. Listeners and readers are therefore encouraged to be part of our network of trading and investing enthusiasts by joining the Piggy Bank Advisor WhatsApp Groups. These are powerful forums that enable one to learn new concepts and share ideas. Piggy will also be coordinating webinars and online meetings through these forums.  This is an initiative that every trader and investor on our markets should be a part of!


Step 1

Download a Copy of the Investor 101 Handbook.  This will be our “Investing Bible” on which most of our content will be anchored on. Here is the link;

Step 2

Subscribe to the website. This will enable you to get an e-mail notification every time there is a new post on the site.

Step 3

Be part of the Online Communities (WhatsApp)

Piggy has been running The Green Piggy Bank on your Cell-phone Campaign and this has led to a significant growth in our online communities. The idea is to share ideas through a network of like-minded investors and traders.

Step 4

Subscribe to the “What is Piggy Saying” Podcast on your cell phone, tab or ipad.

The podcast is available on the following platforms;

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Pocket Casts

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All channels are available on Google Play and AppStore. Just choose one!

Step 5

Finally, be part of this great campaign and help Piggy expand the network by liking and sharing our content on Social Media Platforms is a fast-growing online community of trading and investing enthusiasts that makes use of digital platforms to increase the participation of individuals, households and businesses in local and global investment markets. is also a powerful educational platform that empowers users through educational and insightful articles and blogs. Topics covered include economics, trading, investing, budgeting, retirement & risk planning, wealth management tips and financial product reviews.