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From Car Sharing to Social Trading Groups…

Piggy has observed several changes happening that are eroding household incomes. The latest development is that fuel prices have gone up. This is because foreign currency procurement by Oil Marketing Companies in Zimbabwe is now being done through the interbank market at the ruling exchange rate. As a result, a litre of petrol is selling at $4.97 while that of diesel will sell at $4.89. This represents average increases of between 46% and 49%.  In addition, CPI  figures have also come out and the  annual inflation rate now stands at to 75.86% driven mainly by food and non-alcoholic beverages. Overall, individuals would have to come up with innovative ways of saving and preserving value in the current economic setting.

Piggy has been encouraging individuals to explore car share programs as viable alternatives to private car ownership. This concept encourages people to share trips together to reduce costs and optimize collective travelling. With car sharing, users avoid the need to purchase, park, insure and maintain a vehicle. Carsharing is part of a larger trend of shared mobility. Zipcar, for example, is one of the world’s leading car-sharing networks. This means that individuals and households will be able to save on transport costs through car sharing. Piggy has also  taken this concept to the next level by encouraging the set of Social Trading Groups. Piggy recommends individuals to create their own WhatsApp-based social groups (friends, family or work colleagues).  They can then invite the Trading Coach (078 358 4745) to assist with trading ideas and information as illustrated below;

Piggybankadvisor Social Trading Groups


The objective of the trading groups would be to encourage individuals to onboard various trading platforms such as C-Trade and Iron FX as a strategy of saving or preserving incomes. This new trend is very beneficial and can be used by new traders that would like to connect and receive ideas directly from other trading teams.

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