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More of MT4

The platform is dedicated towards increasing the participation of individuals, households and small businesses on local and global investment markets. The platform provides access to articles and blogs that assist individuals and households to develop knowledge in areas such as investing, stock and forex trading and general personal finance.

Piggy has been running some Online FX Trading courses to help Traders sharpen their skills in the exciting world of Global Markets Trading. In line with this, he has uploaded additional tutorials that will help beginners to navigate the MetaTrader 4 platform;

The following are the Tutorials;

  • Using the MT4 Ipad App
  • Chart Window Basics
  • Chart Window Properties
  • Indicators & Scripts
  • Managing Charts on MT4
  • Market Watch in Detail
  • Navigator Window Basics
  • Placing Orders in MT4
  • Placing Pending Orders in MT4
  • Set Profiles on MT4
  • Stop Loss & Take Profit
  • Terminal Window Basics Part 1
  • Terminal Window Basics Part 2
  • Terminal Window Detailed
  • Placing a Trade on Mobile Platform

Click on the Link below to access the Tutorials

Please note that the first set of tutorials can be accessed here;

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