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Nature Texture

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Title: Nature Texture

Oil on canvas, 120x120cm, 2019




Hugh was born on the 4th of May 1973 in Mhondoro, Chegutu District in Zimbabwe in a family of 7. It is while at Nyangwene Primary that Hugh realised his potential in Art. Hugh was first awarded with a Certificate of Excellence in Art Courtesy by  En-bee Stores in 1988. He impressed Fay Chung who was then the Minister of Education when he drew a portrait of her. Fay was visiting the school.

Hugh later went to Rio Tinto Mhondoro High School from 1989 to 1992. The school is located at Mubayira Growth Point. From there, he became serious about pursuing Art as a subject. There were no Art lessons offered at rural secondary schools during those times except for a few schools in the province only located in towns. Hugh got assistance from German friends Kristin Diehl and Sven Adiek and in 1992, he became the first pupil in the history of the school to successfully register and pass Art at Ordinary Level.  After that, he was ready to fulfil his dream of becoming an Artist.

From 1994 to 1995, Hugh was a student of the then B.A.T Visual Studios under the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare. He specialised in Fine Art Drawing, Painting, Printing as well as Photography. He also did Advanced Level Art during the same period. Hugh first exhibited as a student at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in 1995. He participated in several other exhibitions like the Young Artists of 1996-1998 at Gallery Delta. Hugh also exhibited at Verandah Gallery annual exhibitions for several years. He took part in several national exhibitions thereafter.

In 1999, Hugh went back to Mhondoro to voluntarily introduce Art at Rio Tinto Mhondoro High School. During his teaching period, Hugh realised that there was a shortage of classrooms and a big need to have one for Art. This dream came true with the help of school parents and donor friend Kristin Diehl. On 30 November 2010, an Art Centre was officially opened by the Director of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe; Mr Elvas Mari. Hugh was appointed the Patron of the Centre.

Hugh uses acrylic and oil paint on board or canvas with bright and vibrant colours intermingled with thick brush strokes and tiny detailed designs which interprets Africa on her smiling day. Hugh’s work has a dominant rural nature, something which can clearly be attributed to his rural upbringing. He describes his art and style as a means of communication.

Hugh strongly believes that Art is a language in which he can speak almost fluently. He takes advantage of this gift to explore and live in his own creative world.

Hugh got married in 2007 and has 2 children. He has also managed to get a chance to exhibit and travel abroad. He stayed in Germany and has visited France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican and Austria. In most of these places, Hugh visited some famous Museums and saw some original world great masters’ work. He draws some inspiration from some of the world’s greatest pieces.   



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