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The value preservation quest

Piggy is concerned about the deteriorating macro-economic fundamentals in Zimbabwe and the impact it has on household incomes.  Here are some important facts that have to be considered;

  • The official inflation in Zimbabwe reached 765.6% in April from 676.4% in March 2020, amid a weak exchange rate and climate-induced food shortages which were aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown measures;
  • The Old Mutual Implied Rate (OMIR) is currently at 117.4937 and the parallel market exchange rate is projected to end the year at c200. This will put y-o-y inflation at c2,000%;
  • GDP growth for Zimbabwe in 2020 is expected to be negative (-13.9%);
  • Most wages and salaries are in local currency (ZWL) and unemployment levels have breached 90%; and
  • Savings rates in Zimbabwe are estimated at below 5.0% of addressable population.

What does all this mean?

Individuals, households and businesses in Zimbabwe will have to look into ways of preserving value so as to avoid wealth destruction.  The norm is that in a hyperinflationary environment, investors turn to real assets such as commodities (gold) and property so as the hedge against inflation. However, in Zimbabwe, investment options are limited. Investors cannot execute direct gold purchases. In addition, the real estate market is priced in USD. This leaves the stock market as a feasible avenue to preserve the value of ZWL balances.

How does that the stock market really work?

There are two approaches on the stock market; Investing and Trading

There are NO Excuses…… Get involved on the Market!

An investment in education is critical when it comes to trading and investing on the markets. is focused on increasing the participation of individuals, households and businesses in local and global investment markets. The platform provides access to articles covering topics such as business, economics, stock market and forex trading, cryptocurrencies and general personal finance.  The following are links to introductory articles and E-Books that could be useful to beginners;

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E-Books from Piggy

Make use of and educate yourself

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Here is a Video Clip on the Value Preservation Quest (VBF Thrive)