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Welcome on board the C-Trade Platform

C-Trade is the latest development on Zimbabwe capital markets that enables anyone from anywhere to buy and sell shares on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) and Financial Securities Exchange (FINSEC).  The C-trade platform also gives Zimbabweans in the diaspora a chance to invest in shares with enhanced simplicity without asking anyone home to do it for them.  To start trading, one has to complete a simple registration process. This can either be done via USSD, the Mobile App or Web-based solution.

Investors on internet enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets can access the C-Trade Mobile App as it has more features than USSD. For example, on the C-Trade App you have a view of the market prices and the orders placed before making a counter offer.  This will help investors to place their orders with a full appreciation of the current market status. More so, for investors who want to check the share price movements, the mobile app has graphs that help investors to see the price movements. This is highly efficient since investors can manage their portfolios at any time.

One the other hand, the C-Trade web-based solution ( enables investors interested in rich stock market information, analytics, trends and share price movements to have all this information at their fingertips. C-Trade online also provides an advanced interface for investors and a live chat with C-Trade help desk personnel such that they can quickly get help or clarity on any questions which may arise as they buy or sell shares. Piggy recommends new investors to use the online platform especially when completing the registration process. He has outlined 10 steps in order to guide you through the on boarding process below;

1.Visit the website and select REGISTER


2.Complete the form to a create account and then click on NEXT

3.Enter your address, telephone numbers and a valid e-mail address. After that, click on NEXT

4.Enter your Bank Details, select a Custodian and click on NEXT

5.Submit your Registration Details

6.Account is created and you can proceed to Login. Check your e-mail account and cell phone for login details

7.After clicking on PROCEED to LOGIN, the system will take you to the C-Trade Login Page

8.Click on LOGIN and enter e-mail address

9.C-Trade will send a One Time Pin (OTP) to your e-mail or mobile phone to verify your account

10.Once the One Time Pin (OTP) is verified you are good to go!

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