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What to Buy?

There has been a lot of talk that the stock market is looking cheap in real terms and that “now” could be a best time to build positions in quality stocks. One of the hardest questions that Piggy has been trying to answer is; Which stocks should one Buy?

Piggy has noted that we now live in the information age and disruption has become the new order. The way we live today is driven by new innovations that we scarcely could have dreamt of some years ago. Customers are now demanding more personalised and flexible services while business leaders are left to navigate an everchanging landscape. In the corporate world, it has become imperative for businesses to build stronger defences and become more efficient and innovative.  In Zimbabwe, there is no sector that has been immune the influx of disruptors. A good example is how Cassava’s Eco-cash platform has disrupted the payments system in Zimbabwe. Here is an example of how fintech start-ups are disrupting the financial services sector from a global perspective;


A close analysis of Cassava reveals that the technology company has penetrated the insurance industry where it more than doubled its written premiums in the last 12 months. The company also has greenfield projects that span across various industries (Transport, Logistics, Agriculture, Health and Education) and latest venture has been the Bureau de Change.  Piggy likes the optionality embedded in a technology-based business model. For example, Cassava can easily build new technologies on its already established platforms allowing it to generate high returns from a light asset base. The disruptive nature of Fintech globally and the rise of digital banks also warrants a premium on the stock.

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