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Why is Africa poor?

The reason Africa is poor is that it has taught everything else extensively more than it has taught wealth creation at individual and household level. The education system has advocated for the tutoring of job seekers and religious zealots at the expense of real estate, finance and investments. The success of Africa has always been in its inert ability to adapt, innovate and produce.

It has become a reality today that job seeking is an illusion that can only lead to perpetual suffering and marginalization. Growth and development for Africa can never be through donor funding. Africa must produce, add value to its goods and services, then export. It is high time that Africa realizes that vast amounts of time spent in prayer without strategic planning amounts to nothing but abject poverty. Our children should be taught from kindergarten the art of wealth creation, stock markets, economics, entrepreneurship and ethics. Such subjects pave way for a wealthy and creative mind!

In Zimbabwe for instance, we have produced graduates who are dogmatic and have no clue of the production processes and value chain models. How then do we expect these graduates to be competitive only if their skills can be good on paper and devoid of any practical experience?

On the other hand, religion has taken the centre stage at the expense of everything else; we have poor Christians who cannot even pay their bus fare to church. How did we even miss the mark? Karl Max advocates that religion is the opiate of the masses; that it is the work of the elite to suppress the masses. He further alludes that heaven as a reward for godliness is only to manipulate the masses into docility. Freud also asserts that religion is an illusion; it is a fulfilment of childish desires.

Though these assertions are in themselves pagan they do present an interesting argument. Africa must embrace religion as a vehicle towards sustainable growth, research and development and smart production. Hard work and intelligence should never be replaced by laziness and arrogance. Africa arise and shine for your time is now!

The purpose of religion should be to connect humanity with their maker and bring heaven on earth, and thus there should be an element of abundant provision and sustenance where religion is concerned. From a Christian perspective, Abraham (the Founding Father of Faith) had vast wealth in livestock and precious minerals. He literary had silver and gold in his position. He could impact the economics of those days. His God was the giver and provider of all his wealth.

It appears that wealth will not be given to the frail or weak, a war must be fought to attain wealth. The Abrahamic blessing will not be given to those that are not articulate, skilled and disciplined. Solomon was wise and possessed high administrative and governance skills. He could impact other nations with his ability to plan and conquer. In conclusion, we should stop blaming everything on witchcraft and focus on being strategic and fervently teach our children prudent financial decisions. Ardent teachings should be on self-dignity and respect for humanity, then can we be entrusted with the wealth of nations.

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